Access update query not updating dating for friendship and marriage

Similar to the procedure used in the form, just navigate to the item, edit its content, move to another record using the navigational keys and the update becomes effective.The displayed data access page is shown in the next picture. Action queries are used to make changes to a large number of records with a single click.Queries in the main screen of the access file can be easily identified as they are shown with different types of icons.

If you click on the Show Help button you will reveal the following text. Unlike most queries that display data in Datasheet view, an update query updates one or more fields in a specific table in a single operation.

Clearly you're past your current problem, but this is such a useful feature I can't leave you in ignorance.

If "nothing came back" then you are clearly not looking in the correct place.

When you complete the form it enters onto your table. But for some reason when you add data into the form it updates the table but not the query.

I got it resolved I basically use the wizard and I was able to do the query right.

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