Aboriginal dating site

It is estimated that before the arrival of British settlers, the population of Indigenous Australians was approximately 318,000–750,000 across the continent.

The Torres Strait Islanders possess a heritage and cultural history distinct from Aboriginal traditions.

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The features were considered to indicate "the survival of Homo erectus features in Australia until as recently as 10,000 years ago".There is evidence of recent Aboriginal occupation of the area from canoe trees and middens, while early settlers' records describe an Aboriginal ceremonial site on the north side of the swamp.The most notable evidence was the discovery in 1925, on the west side of the swamp, of the Cohuna Cranium by a local earthmoving contractor.The editor of the local newspaper Cohuna Farmers Weekly notified authorities and the significance of the discovery was realised.In the 1960s, Alan Thorne also identified archaic bone from the collection at the Museum of Victoria, and traced the find spot to Kow Swamp.

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