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She wrote: “After five-year-long grief, I have an interest in life again. Below, the 32-year-old photographer writes about his project, “How is Life? But in Lithuania, more people commit suicide in the countryside.I discovered a new feeling in myself — I am interested. Men between ages 40 and 50 are at a high risk of suicide.But the reasons for suicide are always complex and personal, and they cannot mainly rest on the country’s trauma. I photograph life, not death, because death cannot be seen.It’s like the wind: You can’t take photos of the wind, but you can capture its consequences, the bending of trees, the rolling waves.To stand by them and to respect them.” (Hannes Jung)A well in the garden of “D” in Katiliskiai, Lithuania, on May 20, 2016. D wrote: “When I saw my husband descending into the well, I got very scared, but I no longer remember what I thought.As I asked him to get out of there, he told me he could no longer do it.To what extent is suicide an impulsive, mechanical reaction to suffering, and to what extent is it a person’s choice to give up?

This is my story.” May 9, 2016 (Hannes Jung)Edita sits with her husband, Darius, in their living room in Kaunas, Lithuania, on May 21, 2016. Edita wrote: “I’m sitting exactly where I sat when I got your text and found out that you had killed yourself. Sometimes I curl into a ball and cry in my bed, because I miss you so much. The reasons for each suicide are different, but they are not an expression of personal freedom.

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I got to know her because she’s regularly calling a help line for older people who are lonely. Teresa wrote: “When I’m sad, I sing, play and listen to music, I relax with a good mood, I dance, I love jokes.

She wrote: “Demolished houses/Grass-overgrown paths/I can’t forget them/I don’t even know/What I’m waiting for” (Hannes Jung)Teresa dances in her kitchen in Varena on Feb. I try to smile at all times.” (Hannes Jung) The gate through which we see off our dead is like a boundary between two worlds — the time of the past, the present, and eternity.

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