18 year old dating a 14 year old Sexy chat with stranger girl

but its your decision and do what you think is a more positive choice to what will happen. Will this effect your life in a negative or positive way? I'm 16 and dating an 11 year old, hahaha not illegal cause I'm not 18.

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But as a dad, I wouldn't allow my 14 year old to date an 18 year old. Well my best friend is daiting a 18 guy and she is recently 15..

Talking to your parents was a responsible thing to do, and they seem to have left it to you, and no doubt, if you do decide to date they may have some rules, and boundaries to follow.

How do you know his feelings will last as long as you think yours will?

Also have you talked about this with your parents, they would also have to approve. And why does the law say to you when you want to have sex. Another thing to consider, while you are so in love.

Ive talked to my parents they aren't happy about this but r letting me make my own decisions. Do you think those intense feelings will last until you are old enough to be with him? How long will you stay friends until you can be together the way you want?

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