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But much of this involves a lot of personal involvement.

This means meetings and meals and one-on-one discussions.

Distinguishing between the malefactors, the clueless and the teachable can be crucial.

Not only can shitty behavior and poor socialization be corrected for, but creeps and predators use awkwardness and sexual forwardness for camouflage. You might model yourself after a Beatty or a Clooney.

However, there are lots of men – good, well-intentioned men – who are worried about tripping over the line.

And there are others who worry that they themselves may end up on a similar list or having their name bandied about simply because they’re shy or awkward.

And so for them, I want to talk about what it means to not be The Creep at work, at the conference or in class.

Whenever the topic of shitty and predatory behavior from men comes up, there are inevitably people who will chime in with “I avoid this by never interacting with women…

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Frankly, one would think men would find profoundly offensive.

Because the powers that be in these industries tend to look the other way or downplay the severity of the actions of creeps and predators, women share names amongst themselves: who’s safe, who’s ok unless they’ve been drinking, who they should never be alone in a room with. From commenting on the unfairness of anonymous accusations without the ability to defend themselves to just being afraid of ending up on the list through innocent mistakes, many men seemed to take issue with the existence of the list itself. The issue isn’t about people misunderstanding innocent flirtations or good guys getting caught up by oversensitive women.

It’s about a culture of predation and harassment that’s endemic in multiple industries.

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