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You can use money to hire a social skills coach (extreme situation).You can use money to hire a personal trainer (fitness).Girls in the 9 Range: Now we are in the upper echelon. Anything in the “9-10” range is simply a girl everyone will say is gorgeous. Meaning if you’re into Latin girls or if you’re into white girls, the lowest they will be called is a “9”.A 10 to you may be a Russian blonde, but if another person likes Asian girls she will be a “9”. For all you know, they are already high end escorts for wealthy men in the 9 figure range.The graph depicts her expectations of your income versus your age.As you get older and older, the amount of money you’re *expected* to have will continue to increase! You simply do the following: 1) get in incredible shape and join a sports team, 2) learn how to dress and 3) improve your social skills. the amount of money you’re making will help you *immensely*.Good luck splitting a round of drinks with a girl in the 9 range. – Wall Street Playboys The quote above isn’t really a joke.

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Please take a look at the graph below and you’ll understand why you should work hard in your 20s.

We’re just keeping it weeknight-style casual today and showing you how an Eastern Shore gal does it – nothing fancy here. If you love crab like I do (lotsa meat, little breadcrumbs) you will just flip for these. freshly ground black pepper Prepare a large baking sheet lined with foil or parchment paper.

The crab is the true star, but spicy and citrusy notes make it really shine. In a large bowl, combine all crab cake ingredients. Shape into small patties and place on the baking sheet.

For almost 10 years, I called Maryland’s Eastern Shore home.

We lived on a 5-acre farm surrounded by fresh produce, lots of animals and crab lovin’ friends. In this journey of seeking and finding, it’s safe to say I’ve had my share of bad, good and incredibly good crab cakes over the years.

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