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Just as with people who elevate geek girls to goddess status, it’s stripping the woman of her individuality and personhood and reducing her to component parts.

By putting her on that pedestal, she’s no longer an individual, she’s a collection of fantasies, expectations and stereotypes (who dishes out killer blowjobs)… It’s worth noting: while I’m focusing on white guys creeping on Asian women, this is hardly limited to folks with “yellow fever”; Creepy White Guys has just provided a convenient jumping off point with plenty of examples at hand.

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Some of those presumptions and preconceived notions will be sexual in nature, and people will be basing their opinions on them.

This fascination with novelty actually at least partially hardwired into us, if you will pardon the brief dip of the toe into evo-psych territory; a phenotype that is radically different from the predominant group represents a fresh supply of genetic stock, which represents greater reproductive health and survival chances for newborns.

When you live in a small, contained community, you run the risk of crossing genetic lines that are too closely related and developing undesirable recessive traits.

His ideas of what Asian women are like are based off the idea that south-east Asian women are docile and submissive – regardless of whether she’s Chinese, Mongolian, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Hmong, Korean, Japanese or Pacific Islander… Not only is he trading on racist stereotypes, he’s betraying just how goddamn ignorant he is of her cultural background.

His belief that Asian women are the “best” isn’t because of a love of, say, Thailand’s long and amazing history and rich culture, it’s based off the idea that an Asian woman unlike those uppity white, black and latina women with their insistence on crazy notions like “equality” and “mutual respect”.

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